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PROGRAM AGROMETEOROLOGY IN THE SERVICE TO THE USERS  Climate change, agriculture and protection of forests against fire

The main goal: The popularization, promotion, and promotion of all branches in agrometeorological science with the purpose that agrometeorological experts help many various users in agrometeorological education through seminars and workshops so that direct beneficiary would be able to apply that knowledge in practice.

Expected results of the program: Timely agrometeorological information and knowledge of agrometeorological research, which would direct users get, will be multiply paid for the general welfare of Croatian development in food production, the protection of forests, conservation of nature and the environment which would in turn improve the tourist offer and initiated economic development, and thus improved quality of life. Such a result will not come overnight. Only with diligent efforts of agrometeorological experts as lecturers, as well as a variety of users, who will apply the knowledge gained from the workshops and seminars in practice, will lead to the desired result. Also, of great importance is exchange of views between experts and users since only with direct communication, experts will get feedback  how agrometeorological products (eg. agrometeorological forecasts, drought monitoring, warnings of sudden natural disasters, warnings of the dangers of forest fires, etc.) are usable to users in practice. Therefore, this project will improve agricultural production and protection of forests and also it will improve the usefulness of agrometeorological information  to  directly users.

Members of the Croatian agrometeorological society (HAgMD) are all highlyeducated (43 members) and amongust here are four master's degree and 17 PhDs of which three are assistant professor and five university professors. We've partnered experience, enthusiasm and youth with 19 young experts. This shows that HagMD has organizational and human capacities and technical resources for the implementation of agrometeorology in the service to the users: "Climate change, agriculture and the protection of forests against fire." Popularization of agrometeorology is conducted through lectures at agrometeorological seminars lasting two hours (20 minutes for highschool students and 60 minutes for students perlecture) and day long agrometeorological workshop.

1) Agrometeorological seminars are held for:

-Students in vocational secondary schools (agricultural, forestry and fire),

-Journalists who write, lead or govern scientific and popular columns in newspapers,
specialized magazines and radio and TV,

-Policy makers and strategic plans in food production and protection of forests against fire.

2) Agrometeorological workshops are held for:

-Agronomists of Croatian agricultural extension services, as well as all interested agronomists and foresters,

-Farmers, fruit growers, wine grovers, olive growers, cattlemen, beekeepers, fishermen, etc.

-Foresters in Forest Administrations,

-Firefighters in professional and volunteer fire brigades.

Since there is a large number of users in the firsty ear of the program Agrometeorology in the service to the users, agrometeorological seminar "Climate change, agriculture and the protection of forests against fire" will be held to students of vocational highschool and to students of meteorological, agricultural and forestry profession. At agrometeorological seminars, presentations include practical examples and interactive communication between teachers and pupils / students.

Agrometeorological workshops Agrometeorology in the service to the users: "Climate Change and Agriculture" are intended primarily for agronomists of Croatian agricultural extension services so that they can carry forward obtained agrometeorological knowledge and information to the farmers with whom they are in daily contact. At the workshop, besides lectures, are held presentations about agrometeorological instruments so that participants can view their practical application. After each section there is a discussion to exchange views where by agrometeorological profession can hear feedback from users. At the end of the workshop are made concrete conclusions with a view to improving and advancing agrometeorological information to users. Agrometeorological seminars will be accompanied by local media on TV, radio and / or newspapers, and agrometeorological workshop on national TV, radio and in newspapers and specialist journals, magazines and reviews. Detailed elaborated plan of lectures on agrometeorological seminars and workshops are presented in the tables below.


Ministry of Agriculture


Croatian  agrometeorological society


Agricultural Extension Service
Meteorological and Hydrological Service
Scientific Councilfor Nature Protectionof the Croatian Academyof Sciences and Arts
Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb
College of Agriculture in Križevci
Secondary school of agriculture in Križevci
Secondary school "Arboretum brick"Marčan, Vinica
Secondary school for forestry and carpentry  in Karlovac

Financial support from the project "Popularization of Science":
Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

ZAGREL Rittmeyer d.o.o.



"Climate change, agriculture and protection of forests against fire"




"Climate Change and Agriculture"

Zagreb, November 14, 2013

HAgMD @ 2014.