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PREMIERE OF ANIMATED FILM "Fire is no joke" and ROUND TABLE "Extreme weather conditions, agriculture and wildfires"

The goal of HAgMD is to approach our agrometeorological research and research about the protection of forest against fire in a professionally-popular way. We do not want the public to be afraid of bombastic statements. Therefore, the purpose of our lectures is to provide users with objective information on how climate change impacts our agricultural production and the potential danger of wildfires, and how to adapt and mitigate their consequences.


AGROMETEOROLOGICAL MOSAIC FOR YOUTH: Little School “The fire is no joke”

Scientific research shows that climate change is causing an increasing number of catastrophic forest fires, and projections in the future warn of a more drastic situation. One of the preventive measures is good training on the causes and consequences of wildfires. The most common cause of forest fires is negligence of adults, and adult man is often difficult to reeducate. That is why we started from the youngest because they can positively affect their parents and the elderly by warning of the drastic consequences of forest fires.


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