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Do you have any news?

Did the weather conditions (un)pleasantly surprise you? Did you see in your own environment something interesting? Or maybe a forest fire was near you?

Tell us briefly noticed phenomena and / or hazard and the place and time when it was observed! Send us photos (500 KB)! We will be happy to share your news!

Topics of interest:

  • Heavy rain, hail, water on the fields
  • Flooding
  • Drought
  • Dew, frost, fog
  • Snow, rime, ice on plants or glaze on the ground
  • Strong wind
  • Large waves at sea
  • Growth / leafing / flowering of fruit trees and various plants
  • Unusual timing of leafing / flowering of plants (earlier or later in the spring, the possibility of retrograde appearance in the fall)
  • Protected / rare plants
  • Various plant protection from the weather disasters and / or pests
  • The time and location of the forest fire
  • The area affected by wildfire
  • Damage caused by forest fire or some kind of weather disaster in orchards, vineyards, olive groves
  • Other curiosities from agrometeorology, forestry, agriculture, hydrology, fishery, livestock farming, beekeeping


Send your news and photos to our e-mail:

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