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AGROMETEOROLOGY IN THE SERVICE TO THE USERS – „Climate change and agriculture“

In order to produce the food we need for life, the conditions of growth and production must be favourable. There are more and more extreme situations that lead to reduced yields and the decay of multiyear work. Adapting to new conditions is essential for safe food production.

Does extreme weather affect agriculture and wildfires? Is there any climate change around us? And what it expected in the future? Can timely agrometeorological information save crop yields? Why to suppress ambrosia? Is there a risk of drought? Is there a need for irrigation in Karlovac County? Answers to all these questions can be heard at the Sixth agrometeorological workshop "Climate Change and Agriculture" in Karlovac on March 12, 2019, organized by the City of Karlovac in cooperation with the Croatian Agrometeorological Society and Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service and.


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