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AGROMETEOROLOGICAL MOSAIC FOR YOUTH: "The fire, fierce enemy of the forest"

Any forest fire prevention or mitigation of its consequences, which usually cause great economic losses, leads to savings in the budget. From all these reasons it is very important to implement prevention measures in forest protection against fire. One of these measures is a good education of the youngest. The most vivid display to the children on all danger that forest fire provides and its effects on the nature can be done with an image: the suffering of flora and fauna, laying bare of the soil, destruction of the landscape and long-term reconstruction of vegetation and forests. A picture speaks a thousand words.


AGROMETEOROLOGICAL MOSAIC FOR YOUTH: "Little school about forest fires"

Very successful cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik was continued in 2016. In the previous three projects, we got in the tender of City of Dubrovnik in 2014 and 2015. We have already covered a variety of groups of adults to students, high school students and higher grades pupils of primary school. The next step is to include the youngest school children up to 10 years. That's why we came up with the idea to initiate "Little school about forest fires". In order to start the lecture in more accessible way to the children, we have created a short animated film on this subject.


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