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Zagreb, February 6, 2018

Curiosities about plane trees

In Zagreb, on public green areas, grow 8947 plane trees (Platanus x hispanica Münchh). It's a cross between North American and Asian plane. The thickest plane tree in Zagreb is at the crossing of Selska and Prilaz Barun Filipović. Its diameter is 2 m.


The magic of Dutch tulips in Keukenhof

The opportunity to visit the world attraction Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring park, cannot be missed - even if accompanied by cloudy weather with rain and a maximum air temperature of only 8°C at the beginning of May.

Keukenhof is a park-exhibition of Dutch floriculture, which extends over 200 hectares. From the last week of March to mid-May (March 20 to May 17, 2015) the main focus of this park are more than 7 million spring bulbs, which in this time of the year shines in their most beautiful stage of development - flowering.


This can also be seen in our country!

During the trip through Lika (from Zagreb-Split), on September 26, 2014, a group of meteorologists has met with a rare type of cloud. The pictures are really nice and we want to share them with members of the Croatian Agrometeorological Society.


June, 2014
Summer started violently, but what next …?

When the weather is on headlines, it is usually not good news. This spring and summer many interesting facts and records were marked. Much outcry has been on June 2014, when a real summer atmosphere was missed, even on the Adriatic. However, climatological analysis indicates that the total monthly precipitation in most of Croatian regions was about average! With the exception of Dalmatia, where three to four times more rain fell than the 30-year mean values occurred, which this year's June classed in the category of extremely rainy!


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