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Zagreb, June 13, 2012
Croatian Agrometeorological Society – association of meteorologists, agronomists and foresters

Thanks to agrometeorological forecast, which regularly appears on the national radio and television for many years now, there are more and more demands of various users for agrometeorological information.

Therefore, the idea of establishing the Croatian Agrometeorological Society has imposed itself. Unfortunately, in our country and in the world, the number of experts who deal with agrometeorological activities in the broad sense is very small compared to the broader scientific community. Agrometeorological experts come from various areas of research and work in institutions such as Meteorological and Hydrological Service, Department of Geophysics at Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry, Agricultural High School and other related institutions.

Therefore, it is very important to bring together scientists and experts of meteorological, agricultural and forestry profession and focus their unique actions toward the same goal: the promotion and advancement of all branches of agrometeorological science. The main mode of action is that the experts help different users: farmers, olive growers, firefighters, foresters, fishermen and others in agrometeorological training; furthermore, to spread the knowledge to the public for the purposes of food production and the protection of forests against fire.

Nowadays, when climate change and extreme weather causes great economic losses, and more than a billion people starve in the world, food production is a strategic issue of each country. Therefore, to ensure sufficient qualitative and inexpensive food, it is necessary to apply the latest results of agrometeorological research in modern agriculture. The research results, such as the impact of climate change on potential fire hazard vegetation can help firefighters and foresters in their management and adjustment. Also, those results may help to policy makers in planning Croatian economic development for a long period. Only by rational management we can preserve the purity of air, soil, water, sea and forest, to which we are so proud of. Likewise, by investing in agrometeorological research we would get timely agrometeorological information that would be profitable in many ways for the general benefit of the Croatian development in food production, protection of forests, environment and nature which would in turn improve the tourist offer and initiate a vigorous economic development.

Based on all that, the necessity comes for joint actions of agrometeorological experts, which is why the 24 founders of the founding Assembly created the Croatian Agrometeorological Society (HAgMD) on 13th June 2012. HAgMD has strong support from the international community, particularly by the Commission for Agrometeorology of the World Meteorological Organization. Right now, HAgMD participates in the formation of the Global Federation of Agrometeorological companies. It should be noted that we are the first such society in the Southeast of Europe, the fourth in Europe and the twelfth in the world. Founding of the Croatian Agrometeorological Society is only the first step towards a better interdisciplinary linking of meteorological, agricultural and forestry profession.

Višnja Vučetić, PhD

President of the HAgMD

Founders of the Croatian Agrometeorological Society in Zagreb, June 13, 2012.


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