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AGROMETEOROLOGICAL MOSAIC FOR YOUTH: Little School “The fire is no joke”

Scientific research shows that climate change is causing an increasing number of catastrophic forest fires, and projections in the future warn of a more drastic situation. One of the preventive measures is good training on the causes and consequences of wildfires. The most common cause of forest fires is negligence of adults, and adult man is often difficult to reeducate. That is why we started from the youngest because they can positively affect their parents and the elderly by warning of the drastic consequences of forest fires.

We have shown this to the children visually and imaginatively in the short animated film "Fire is no joke" in the previous project. Great response of pupils, around 850 in primary schools in Dubrovnik, and the testing of projection of preschool age at the Fantasy Festival in Rijeka in 2016 showed that children very well absorb new knowledge. From all this, a new project "Fire is no joke" was launched under the program Agrometeorological mosaic for youth. In order to leave the children an enduring educational material, a comic, which is in the connection with the characters and content of the animated film, is in preparation.


Croatian Agrometeorological Society

Project partner:
Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Areas of Dubrovnik-Neretva County

The project was realized in co-operation:
Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Financial support – Tender for Environment and Nature and popularization of science


City of Dubrovnik


City of Zagreb



Kotar County

Dubrovnik Tourist Board



Little school „Fire is no joke“

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