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Zagreb, November 9, 2017

"Fire is no joke" presented at the Scientific Quarter of INTERLIBER

As scientists we started to create an educational animated film, then a children's comic about forest fires. We sought the help of the artist's external associates. We tried to link scientific and artistic thoughts, and normally, we often reproached and sought common points in different things. Linking science, where everything needs to be exact and with evidence, and art, that has unlimited freedom, looks like an impossible mission. But in the end we succeeded. Animated film is the backbone of the Little School "Fire is no joke", as well as children's comic with the same name. Those two are durable, educational material that we share with children. Their best promotion was at this year's biggest book event in Zagreb, INTERLIBER.

 Within the Science Quarter at the INTERLIBER, at the Zagreb Fair, we presented an animated film and a children's comic "Fire is no joke". The program was held together with Croatian Natural Society under the joint title "Challenges and Beauty of Nature". We have conducted three screenings of the film with lectures for different age groups from four to 15 years. Smaller children enthusiastically watched the movie, and the older monitored it very carefully.



 Višnja Vučetić, PhD


Little School Organizers at the INTERLIBER on November 9, 2017




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