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Rijeka, November 22 and 28, 2017

Do not play with flame and smoke, fire is no joke

The short-feature animated film by the Croatian Agrometeorological Society under the title: "Fire is no joke", is shown in Highland-Littoral County again. On November 22, 2017, at 9 o'clock in the Nikola Tesla Elementary School in the center of Rijeka, 62 pupils of second classes met with two teachers and four students in practice to watch the film and participate in an interactive presentation.

After a debate on "Why is not necessary to light the fire in order to survive in wilderness" between a student and me, and after discussing why it was more important to take a mobile phone than a barbecue meat on a hike, one girl said that discussion was boring and asked to start the movie. Since I did not dissuade a student of his believes and intentions, I presented the film to the general delight of the present students. After a heated discussion of the directions, speeds and occurrences of winds at the coast and in the mountains, and the question of whether there was a greater risk of fire in highland or along the coast and on the islands, the main thought of the film was adopted unanimously and loudly: “Do not play with flame and smoke, fire is no joke"

A few days after my visit to the Nikola Tesla Elementary School, a visit of the students of "Our Children" society from Rijeka was announced to the Teaching Institute of Public Health of Highland-Littoral County, where I work on the air quality monitoring. Since I was asked to hold the presentation on the air quality for the students, I took the opportunity and started the lecture by showing the animated film "Fire is no joke". Although the children were students from the sixth grade of primary school to the second of high school, the film and presentation draw attention among them, and the smoke generated during the fire was linked with the air pollution I was talking about in the lecture. This visit was held on November 28, 2017. More than 50 children attended with the tutor's attendance.


Boris Mifka


Pupils of Elementary School Nikola Tesla at Rijeka November 22, 2017.



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