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Rijeka, November 10, 2016
Little School “The fire is no joke”

In the frame of Little school a short animated film by Croatian agrometeorological society under the heading: "The fire is no joke" was presented to the second grade students of Elementary School Vladimir Gortan in Rijeka.The goal of this educational "cartoon" was of course, to awake awareness of forest fires danger among children in a fun manner.

The event was welcomed and accepted with pleasure both by students and their teachers who have successfully disciplined about 40 students by the promise of an imminent test on the subject of material processed in this film. Despite this fact, the attention of students and their interest was at high-level mostly regarding the action of the film and its characters, of which the most favorite one was a dormouse. The remarkable knowledge upon names of the winds, characteristic in their homeland came up through a short presentation accompanied by questions and comments on the films theme. The lecture was completed by re-screening of the film in accordance with the wishes of students, teacher and lecturer.

Boris Mifka

The second grade students of Elementary School Vladimir Gortan in Rijeka
on November 10, 2016


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