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Rijeka, October 16, 2016
Convention of Fantasy: Children Programme “The fire is no joke”

Croatian agrometeorological society held the Little School as a part of Children's program within the Convention of Fantasy RIKON in Rijeka where was presented a short animated film entitled: "The fire is no joke."

After a very rainy weather in October that Sunday was finally sunny and warm. There was a risk that parents with children would prefer to go in nature or for a walk near the sea rather to choose to stay inside. But despite beautiful weather outside we gathered more than twenty children and parents. For the first time we held the movie show for the preschoolers. Their spontaneous applause gave us a hint that they liked the movie. Children thrilled us with their answers about firefighters and aircraft fire extinguishers called Canadairs, the wind – which helps the development of the fire, and why are forest fires most hazardous for hedgehogs. They asked to repeat the film. In the end, when we have drawn three awards – computer mouse pads with image of the main character - there were tears. Not everyone could win a prize, but we saved the situation by rewarding them all with consolation prizes.

Višnja Vučetić, PhD
Translation: Ivana Čavlina Tomašević

Children with parents on the projection of the animated film "The fire is no
joke" in Rijeka October 16, 2016



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