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Dubrovnik, September 30 and October 28, 2016.
Little School on Forest Fires

After successful premiere of the "The fire is no joke" cartoon, members of Croatian Agrometeorological Society held ten lectures in the five primary schools and two district schools in the Dubrovnik area at September 30, 2016 as part of the Little School on Forest Fires. About 850 students from first to fourth grade participated.

Students were watching "The fire is no joke" cartoon intently and participated in the lively discussion later. They surprised lecturers from Croatian Agrometeorological Society of how well they know the fire brigade number, how to extinguishes the fire, and what is the Canadair aircraft. But what is the most common cause of the plants fire, such as weather conditions favorable to the emergence and spread of fire, which animals are the most likely to die in a fire, and which are the consequences of catastrophic forest fire, they have seen in film. After the screening it was all explained in detail to them. Spontaneous applause and children's demand for another screening of the film showed that they like the movie, and that it is understandable for their age. Each student was given a school timetable with the picture of main character a dormouse and burning trees, and at each lecture in the contest the three commemorative sets of educational materials have been granted.

The screening of the film to the twenty five graduates of Medical School in Dubrovnik, future environmental technicians showed that film is topical for all ages. And the conversation was carried on. It was shown to them what the weather conditions are favourable for the rapid spread of fire and what are its consequence by the use of specific meteorological data during the great fire of Pelješac peninsula 2015. Finally, we also had fun by playing contest in which they won six computer mouse pads with the picture of the cartoon scene on it.

Višnja Vučetić, PhD
traslation: Boris Mifka

Students of the Elementary School of Antun Masle in Orašac and District School
Zaton are listening carefully the lecture on Forest Fires on September 30, 2016


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