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Samobor, March 19, 2015
Agrometeorology for the youth: The Agrometeorological Mosaic” at the Samobor City Library

The World Meteorological Day was celebrated in the Samobor City Library on March 19, 2015 at the Department of Children and Youth. On this occasion, on behalf of the Meteorological and Hydrological Service, meteorologists Petra Sviličić and Ivana Tomašević from the Department of Agrometeorology, and also members of HAgMD, were guest lecturers. Interactive lectures under the joint name "Agrometeorological Mosaic" were held for about sixty pupils of sixth and eighth grades of Elementary School Samobor.

"Agrometeorological Mosaic" has included four lectures suitable for children: Agrometeorology: yesterday, today, tomorrow, Soil temperature, Clouds and Does climate jiggle?. In the first lecture by Petra Sviličić, pupils were acquainted with the importance of agrometeorology, its concept, features, everyday needs and applications. Then, the concept of soil temperature was explained and geothermometer field with standard depths was shown. Also, the application of soil temperature data was shown along with main conclusions from the study of a series of such data.

In the lecture of Ivana Tomašević, pupils learned five basic Latin words from which it is possible to compile the names of ten genders of clouds. In this way, from the name of some clouds they were able to describe their size, shape and composition. In the last lecture Does climate jiggle?, pupils were familiar with the fact that continuous measurements are carried out since December 1, 1861 at the station Zagreb-Grič. Based on the display of rainy, droughty, cold and hot years from 1862 until today, pupils independently have come to the conclusion about the appearance of drier and warmer years in the last decades.

Pupils were active and interested in participating in lectures and, together with the organizers, expressed a desire for more "Agrometeorological Mosaic" presentations in the future.

Ivana Tomašević, dipl. ing. fiz.

Petra Sviličić, mag.phys.-geophys.

Lecturers on the occasion of World Meteorological Day
at the Samobor City Library on March 19, 2015.

HAgMD @ 2014.