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Popovača, May 21, 2014
Agrometeorology for the youth: „The Agrometeorological Mosaic” at the Elementary School Popovača

Within the project Agrometeorology for the youth: “The Agrometeorological Mosaic”, members of the HAgMD, Ivana Tomašević and Petra Sviličić have held lectures on May 21, 2014 for about 40 pupils of Elementary School Popovača. The goal of the project is to popularize and promote agrometeorology among children of preschool and school-age, with the aim of spreading knowledge about the concept and importance of agrometeorology and to apply knowledge to their environment, habits and future direction, as well as encouraging the active participation in the protection of nature and harmonious coexistence.

In the first lecture, the pupils were familiar with the concept of the meteorology and the possibility of continuing education for meteorological technicians in high school or a meteorologist at the university. Then followed lectures by Petra Sviličić Agrometeorology: yesterday, today, tomorrow and Soil temperature in which was discussed the importance of agrometeorology and agrometeorological forecast for successful farming, and what is the situation of soil temperature in the last thirty years. Ivana Tomašević in her lectures Clouds and Does climate jiggle? vividly evoke the celestial travellers through five descriptive words and described the formation of clouds. Also, the pupils were informed with the consequences of global warming through the appearance of extremely hot and dry years that have been reported in this region in the last 150 years.

Pupils were very active and interested in participating in the debate, which was also attended by Dr. Roman Rosavec from the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb, also a former pupil of this school, and a member of HAgMD.

Petra Sviličić


Participants of lectures of „The Agrometeorological Mosaic”
at the Elementary School Popovača on May 21, 2014.


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