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Osijek, December 5, 2014
Roving Seminar "Weather, Climate and Farmers"
A strategic issue of each country nowadays is how to provide enough quality food to feed its population. With regard to climate change, more frequent extreme weather and climate disasters, and natural hazards, our areas belong to endangered areas, especially coastal and eastern Croatia. Hence, it is necessary to make strategic plans to mitigate their consequences in agriculture. 

Consequently, of extreme importance is to know the agroclimatic conditions in Croatia, especially in the last three decades, when there has been a significant change. In such case, the development of modern agriculture can no longer be imagined without the application of the latest results of agrometeorological and climatic research.

So, agrometeorological research, which will serve as a basis to agronomic experts and policy makers in the development of strategic plans, are necessary for promotion of sustainable farming systems. Agricultural production should not be left to chance. Instead, it should be strictly planned. Therefore, all of these agrometeorological knowledge and information should be presented, not only to scientists and experts, but also to the direct users, farmers and all of those to whom agrometeorology can help in the food production.

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has recognized the activity of Croatian agrometeorological scientists and experts in the popularization of agrometeorology. They proposed the organization of Roving Seminar "Weather, Climate and Farmers" to the Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ), with the help of their financial support. City of Osijek, as the centre of modern agriculture to which whole eastern Croatia gravitates, was elected venue workshop on December 5, 2014. The purpose of the workshop was to educate as many direct users to whom agrometeorological information are necessary in agricultural production, all with the goal to encourage rural development and help local people to improve the quality of life.

Patron of the gathering was the Ministry of Agriculture. Also, many co-organizers helped in the organization of the workshop: Croatian Agrometeorological Society, Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, in whose beautiful surroundings Seminar was held, Agricultural Advisory Service, Croatian Soil Tillage Research Organisation, and Informal Advisory Service. On behalf of the Meteorological and Hydrological Service, Dr. Branka Ivančan-Picek, Head of Meteorological Research and Development Division, has welcomed the meeting. Then, participants were addressed by Dr. Vladimir Šišljagić,. Prefect of Osijek-Baranja County, Prof. Vlado Guberac, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek and on behalf of the Agricultural Advisory Service, Mr. Siniša Hrgović.

The lectures were aimed to the farmers from the eastern Croatia and agronomists, especially ones from the Agricultural Advisory Service, who are in daily contact with the farmers. The gathering was attended by about 140 participants. The workshop was divided into two parts. In the first part, the agrometeorological experts held nine lectures on current topics: how climate change will affect us in the agricultural production, how agrometeorological measurements, medium and long term forecasts help modern agriculture, what is with the observed extreme weather events such as hail, increased threat of heat stress in the air and soil, dry or rainy periods, increased evaporation and deficit or surplus water in the soil, and how to implement tillage in extreme weather conditions. In the second part of the workshop, participants were informed on how they can measure by themselves for their needs the amount of precipitation in their plantations, in the fields, orchards or vineyards. Afterwards, they have received a simple rain gauge with instructions.

After each section there was a discussion. With an interactive communication between trainers and users, agrometeorological information is transferred to the users in order to apply them in practice. Also, discussion helped the experts to improve and adapt agrometeorological research for the needs of the users. In the final remarks, several facts were highlighted:

• it is necessary to improve the short-term agrometeorological forecasts in the media with inclusion of forecast of solar radiation and sunshine duration,

• on the website of the Meteorological and Hydrological Service, give detailed daily weather report that would show what is expected in the morning, afternoon and during the night due to the better planning of agricultural practice,

• it is necessary to help farmers in the selection of agrometeorological instruments, and instruct them what and how to measure,

• in the adaptation of agriculture to climate change, it is important to actively involve farmers, so that they can point out to their own problems that they have in agricultural production in certain micro-sites,

• farmers have pointed to the big problems with drainage, which is the responsibility of Croatian Waters,

• it is necessary to better connect agrometeorological scientific experts from the Meteorological and Hydrological Service and agronomic community from eastern Croatian, because so far this cooperation was more operational in terms of exchange of meteorological data.

This workshop showed that there is a great interest of the immediate beneficiaries for the agrometeorological information. Therefore, one of the tasks of scientists and experts is to bring closer the agrometeorological research and knowledge to the general public.

 Višnja Vučetić, PhD
Translated: Petra Sviličić

Participants of Roving Seminar "Weather, Climate and Farmers" in Osijek, December 5, 2014.


The Organizing Committee of Roving Seminar "Weather, Climate and Farmers" in Osijek, December 5, 2014.



Roving Seminar "Weather, Climate and Farmers" in Osijek, December 5, 2014.
Part one (language: Croatian)


Roving Seminar "Weather, Climate and Farmers" in Osijek, December 5, 2014.
Part two (language: Croatian)



„Weather, Climate and Farmers”
Croatia, Osijek, December 5, 2014


Donor: World Meteorological Organization
Organiser: Meteorological and Hydrological Service
Patron: Ministry of Agriculture
Croatian Agrometeorological Society
Faculty for Agriculture in Osijek
Agricultural Advisory Service
Croatian Soil Tillage Research Organization
Informal Advisory Service

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