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Zagreb, May 5, 2023.

Little school "Fire is no joke" held as part of Day and Night at PMF

Every year, the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb holds the event Day and Night at PMF, which aims to popularize science and attract new students. The geophysics department participates in numerous lectures and workshops intended for children of all ages, with which they draw attention to climate change, weather forecasting, and their importance for everyday life. As one of this year's workshops on the "Geofizika uživo" program, our Little School "Fire is no joke" was included.

Our members, Petra Sviličić and Dr. Ivana Čavlina Tomašević, at the invitation of the Geophysics Department, held a workshop and presented agrometeorology to students from the Tituš Brezovacki Primary School in Zagreb. Through the animated film "Fire is no joke" and the presentation, they emphasized the importance of forest conservation, meteorologists, and weather forecasting in firefighting. We believe that their lecture, in addition to showing young people the importance of forests and their preservation, will encourage some of them to think about enrolling in the Faculty of Science. And perhaps a new member of the Croatian Agrometeorological Society is hiding among them.

Dr. Branimir Omazić

Pupils of the Tituš Brezovacki Elementary School, May 5, 2023.


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