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Hvar, October 26, 2022

Fire is no joke in Hvar again

Students of the III a and III b grades of the Hvar Elementary School visited the Main Meteorological Station Hvar where they were warmly welcomed by the observer Luka Vučetić. A surprise awaited them.

While III b class looked around and heard about meteorological instruments, III a class gathered under the olive tree to watch the animated film "Fire is no joke". Some students were delighted because they remembered the animated film, they watched in kindergarten five years ago. In the conversation, we saw that they remembered a lot from before, but now we expanded their knowledge about the catastrophic consequences of forest fires. We repeated the Little school with the III b class, and we handed the teachers the children's comics "Fire is no joke" so that they could repeat the material with them.

Dr. Višnja Vučetić


Students of the III a and III b grades of Hvar Elementary School at the Main Meteorological Station Hvar on October 26, 2022.




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