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Rab, December 2, 2022

Fire is no joke at the kindergarten in Rab

On the morning of December 2, 2022, we were greeted by 40 preschoolers in the hall of Pahuljica Kindergarten in Rab. They woke up quickly and we started a conversation with them about the weather and meteorologists. They were not quite sure what the meteorologists were doing, so they came up with various answers. One boy gave the most interesting answer that meteorologists are looking for dinosaurs underground.

When we helped them a little with the answer, they remembered that they had seen the weather forecast on TV, mobile phone or the Internet. Watching the animated film, they opened their eyes wide and listened. A few children could read, so they read the message that the downy Matko sent at the end of the movie. Then everyone had to repeat loudly: "Do not play with flame and smoke, fire is no joke!". After watching the cartoon again, each group was given three comic books for their teachers to read to them afterwards. How much they liked Little School was best shown by the four girls who hugged me at the end.

Dr. Višnja Vučeti



Preschoolers at Pahuljica Kindergarten in Rab on December 2, 2022





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