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Cres and Mali Lošinj, May 28, 2021

Island tour „Fire is no joke“

The short-feature animated film by the Croatian Agro-Meteorological Society under the title "Fire is no joke" is shown in Highland-Littoral County again in the Frane Petrić and Mario Martinolić elementary schools at Cres and Mali Lošinj.

In total, three workshops were held. The one held at Cres was attended by 22 1st grade students, and the remaining two were held for approx. 100 students of three 1st and three 2nd classes in Mali Lošinj. Due to epidemiological conditions and a great number of students in Mali Lošinj, the film was shown in classrooms separately, while the discussion was held in the open space. The students in Mali Lošinj expressed huge enthusiasm for natural sciences, which was diminished after they were introduced to the fact they need to spend a lot of time studying math.


Boris Mifka


Pupils of the first grade of the Frane Petrić Elementary School at Cres (left) and the first and second grades of the Mario Martinolić Elementary School at Mali Lošinj (right) on 28 May 2018






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