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Čabar, June 1, 2021.

Fire is no joke in Čabar

A real small tour with the Little school took place at the beginning of June in the Čabar area. The screening of the animated film "Fire is no joke" took place in the Elementary school Petar Zrinski in Čabar and in four other regional schools: Plešce, Prezid, Tršće and Gerovo.

The workshop was attended by hundred of lower grade students who eagerly awaited the screening. Despite the masks, the reactions on their faces were visible and expressive, and a very active discussion after the screening confirmed how impressed they were by the story of the wildfire. We argued that the Čabranka River was still too shallow and narrow for the canadair to take water to protect their magnificently forests.


Petra Sviličić


Pupils from the regional schools: Plešce, Prezid and Tršće in the Čabar area on 1 June 2021





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