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Karlovac, May 29, 2019

The fire is no joke in Karlovac

Not even rainy day could have hindered the marking of Agrometeorology Day in Karlovac kindergarten Turanj and Elementary School Turanj. About one hundred children watched an animated movie The Fire is no joke within the Little School of Fire. Children of age 6 and 7 were thrilled with animated film because they have been familiar with the characters Matko, Sunčica and Vedran from the comic Fire is no joke.

They were most impressed with the fire that literally swallowed the forest. They showed enviable knowledge of fires and protection measures, and many of them were witnesses of the fires. Second and third grade pupils carefully followed the film's screening and were eagerly waiting to answer some questions. They were most impressed by the rescue of a small hedgehog and afforestation. In the end, everybody parted loudly shouting lesson they have learned: Do not play with flame and smoke, fire because fire is no joke. The two fifth grades were the last group to listen about the fires. Unlike younger pupils, they were somewhat more restrained, but still full of knowledge. They were most impressed by the afforestation and leaving the forest to future generations. They are aware of the importance of forest conservation because of the clean air we need for life. To all groups few copies of the comics were shared, and many of them have already been listing the pages with great interest and looking for Matko, Sunčica and Vedran.


Petra Sviličić


Children from the Kindergarten Turanj (left), pupils of the second and the third grade (middle) and of the fifth grade (right) from the Elementary School Turanj in Karlovac on May 29, 2019.

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