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Labin, Octobre 17, 2019 and Rovinj, Octobre 18, 2019

Fire is no joke in Istria

In two days we held eight Little schools "Fire is no joke" in Labin and Rovinj and included about 100 kindergartens in the Kindergarten Neven - PO Valbruna in Rovinj and about 170 students from the elementary schools Iva Lola Ribar in Labin and Vladimir Nazor and Juraj Dobrila in Rovinj.

Our hosts in kindergarten and schools welcomed us warmly and prepared all for the screening of the animated movie "Fire is no joke". The children and students eagerly awaited the beginning, but before that we were briefly introduced them about meteorology. There were also interesting answers to the question: "What subjects do you need to study well to become a meteorologist?" A little girl fired a religious education like from cannon. Yes, sometimes God should be called for more accurate weather forecast. But even two students answered correctly - physics. It surprised us that the third-graders knew about physics. As a reward for the correct answer they received the children's comic book "Fire is no joke". We explained to them that meteorology is the physics of the atmosphere.

After the cartoon projection, which everyone was watching closely, we talked about the weather conditions that favor forest fires. In kindergarten, the four-year-old boy stepped out in front of his little friends and explained clearly and loudly to them that the fire should be lit in the fireplace so that it would not spread to the forest. We clapped him. Also the children showed that they were aware of how dangerous the fire was, but they were always surprised by the long forest restoration and the many years before the animals returned to it. This Istrian tour has remained in our fond memory and we thank all those who helped in organizing it.

Višnja Vučetić, PhD




Children from Kindergarten Neven - PO Valbruna in Rovinj (left above), students from Primary School Ivo Lola Ribar in Labin (upper right), from Primary School Vladimir Nazor (left below) and Primary school Juraj Dobrila (right below) in Rovinj 17 and 18 October 2019





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