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Hvar, May 8, 2018 and Stari Grad May 10, 2018

Island Little School

After the winter visit to the island of Hvar, in May 2018, we had two more Little Schools "Fire is no joke" in the Hvar Elementary School and Petar Hektorović Elementary School in Stari Grad.

In Hvar we were warmly welcomed by the director Nada Jeličić. Pupils of the second and third grades, about 100, were expecting us with impatience. We first showed an animated film "Fire is no joke" and held lectures in the second classes. But everyone wanted to answer me in one voice, showing how much they know about forest fire issues. The teacher just broke up the hubbub by whistle. There was silence, and afterwards they kept order. The third classes showed a higher discipline and in the end we played the tombol. The children's comic strip "Fire is no joke" and a computer mouse pad with the main character of the movie, dormouse Matko, were awarded to pupils. And some students, who did not have the luck in the prize game, asked for a strip later.

In Stari Grad we have held two workshops for about 80 lower grade students. They watched the film very carefully and their favorite talk was about firefighters and Canadairs. They were lively talking about their wildfire experiences from the last summer. In the movie, they liked the children that afforest. We also played a prize game with them and thanked the friendly hosts.


Višnja Vučetić, PhD


 Children of the Kindergartens at Hvar (left), May 8, 2018 and the first and second grades of the Petar Hektorović Elementary School at Stari Grad (right), May 10, 2018




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