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Krk, November 16, 2018

Meteorologist travel trought time and change the future

Great engagement of educator Mrs Melita Morić and CEO from Kindergarten Katarina Frankopan in Krk help us to hold a project Little School on November 16, 2018. An animated film „Fire is no joke“ was presented to two groups of preschool age children.

As children were well prepared, they carefully watched the film. After the film we had discussion or better to say a philosophic discussion. We asked the kids: „What do meteorologists do?“ A boy from the group said: „Meteorologist travel through time and change the future!“ After the second projection children asked us to play it again, but the lunch time has already started. Together with thanks giving card, we also gave educators 25 pieces of strip for children „Fire is no joke“ so they could read it in other groups and other kindergartens at island Krk. We hope that we will manage to visit other kindergartens at island Krk and lecture the Little School, the near future.


Jelena Ferina



Preschool age children from Kindergarten Katarina Frankopan in Krk November 14, 2018



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