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Krk, December 14, 2018

Stormily in Krk

The short-feature animated film by the Croatian Agro-Meteorological Society "Fire is no joke", was presented in the great hall of Fran Krsto Frankopan Primary School located in old center of Krk city on December 14th, 2018.

The Little School “Fire is no joke” was followed by 9 classes of about 180 lower level students accompanied by their teachers. Since children were islanders they had no problem to answer the questions regarding the characteristics of different winds known in area they live in. Also they had a chance to recognize many similarities between animated film and their daily life. Everyone wanted to respond with one voice and to show how much they know. For instance, all children are familiar with the animal species shown in the film, especially the dormouse made them laugh. Children showed their knowledge about the civil services telephone numbers they can call in case of forest fire emergency as well. Finally, the awareness of forest fire danger was loudly adopted through the motto: “Do not play with flame and smoke, fire is no joke".


Boris Mifka


Students in lower grades of elementary school Fran Krsto Frankopan in Krk December 16, 2018.




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