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Zagreb, April 10, 2018

Are children more responsible than us?

Encouraged by the great interest of the teacher for better acquaintance with children with meteorological profession, we decided to hold a Little School in Primary School of Izidor Kršnjavi in Zagreb. Prior to the presentation of the film "Fire is no joke", students of three second classes were briefly acquainted with meteorologists and meteorology in general.

Although many of them recognized Tea Blažević and knew that she presents the weather forecast, few knew what else meteorologists do. Through the story they met a lot of phenomena that meteorologists study from spout, tornado, drought to wildfire. Many of them argued that they saw the spout as well, and they all remembered last year's fire in the surroundings of Split.

After a brief introduction we released their film, and the children followed with care and accepted our main character, Matko dormouse, with delight. Together with him, they saw the dangers of a wildfire and saw how long it took for a new forest to grow. After a short conversation with the children, we had seen that they were aware of forest fire consequences before our meeting. Unfortunately, due to the catastrophic fire in Split last year, children learned a lot about the fires and saw how difficult it was to extinguish a fire on an inaccessible terrain. Some of them were in the surroundings of Split when the fire flared up. Also, through the conversation, we realized how much the kids are responsible, and how they notice that adults can throw cigarette on the beach, or leave fire after the grill. Indeed, sometimes children are more responsible than us and we can learn something from them. Our meeting ended with tombola where the students got a strip and a mouse pad with the motive of the movie, the teachers received the thanksgiving, and we got applause as an award for an interesting and instructive lecture.


Branimir Omazić and Tea Blažević

Translation: Višnja Vučetić, PhD and Branimir Omazić


Second grade students at the Elementary School of Izidor Kršnjavi in Zagreb on April 10, 2018.




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