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Zagreb, April 19, 2018

How did the children experience a fire?

Fifth grade students, 35 of them, from Elementary School of August Cesarec in Zagreb, together with their professors of art and geography, have been ready to welcome me to keep the Little School "Fire is no joke". They warned me that they are a little alive and temperamental disciples, but I can say about them only praise. They answered very polite on the questions, and they fascinated me with their knowledge of meteorology. They answered the question correctly: "What are the climate and the weather?" Unlike adults who often mix these terms. In the animated film "The fire is no joke," they liked the most that children together reforested after the fire. But they were surprised with the rise in global temperature on Earth from year to year which increases the risk of forest fires. How lecture of forest fires impressed them? Their art works in collage are best expression, and selected pictures are in the gallery.

The next hour another group of students from the first and second classes, 52 of them, was waiting. All gathered on the floor and were waiting the start with impatience. Before filming, they reported their impressum about fires, firefighters, Canadiars and were little disappointment with only six Canadiars in Croatia. They thought they had 300. Unfortunately, last summer, most of them saw the fires that annoyed Dalmatia and it only confirmed our efforts to maintain a Little School in all parts of Croatia. Many children go on the seaside and we need to warn them of the danger of wildfires. Although they are little, they already know that sunlight rays in the glass can cause a fire, as well as a stroke, but they are surprised that human nonchalance is the biggest cause of fire. They liked a forestation the most in the film. They realized that nature needs help in restoration after major natural disaster.
For the prize in the two groups a small tombola was organized in which they received a computer mouse pad and a children's comic strip "Fire is no joke". The winners were really happy with the rewards, and some were sad because their number was not pulled out. However, copies of the children's comic book were given to the school library and each class, and acknowledgment is given to the school for a successful organization.


Višnja Vučetić, PhD



Fifth grade students (left) and first and second grade (right) at the Elementary School of August Cesarec in Zagreb on April 19, 2018.





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