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Hvar i Jelsa, February 1, 2018

Missing the sound of crickets

After a very successful Little School "Fire is no joke" in Kindergarten of Vanđela Božitković at Hvar last summer, Director Sanja Čurin asked us to repeat lecture for children who did not have the opportunity to listen. But because we are already coming to the island of Hvar, we have arranged a Little School with the director Tanja Čurin at the Elementary School at Jelsa.

Early morning in the kindergarten we were welcomed by the director, the educator and all the children from 3 to 7 years old, 72 of them. They all sat peacefully on their benches, some on the mats, and were waiting for an animated movie "Fire is no joke". They carefully watched the movie and after that I was talking with them. I immediately saw who had participated in the Little School during the summer. These children knew exactly to repeat the motto of the movie "Don’t play with flames and smoke, fire is no joke!" and they also remembered the meteorologist's warning on the radio. They were looking for a re-screening of the film. In the end I gave the director 10 pieces of the children's comic book "Fire is no joke" so that the educators can read the children in each group.

In the afternoon, I went to Elementary School at Jelsa where there were 24 students of the second grade. Before the film screening, I asked them what they know about meteorology. The usual answer is that meteorologists work the weather forecast on TV. In order to be interested in meteorology, I emphasized that they continue to learn math because perhaps one day some of them become meteorologist. After that, one student surprised me with his question: "Are you a scientist?" I replied, "Yes, and you just learn."

And they liked the movie, but the teacher added that she only missed the sound of crickets in the pine forest during the summer heat. She is absolutely right. This is what our composer has missed. In the end they got a children’s strip. It was ringing, and the teacher told them: "Changing in the schedule. We have a Croatian language and you will read the strip! "


Višnja Vučetić, PhD



Children in the Kindergarten of Vanđela Božitković at Hvar (left) and students of the second grade of Elementary School at Jelsa February 1, 2018 (right).




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