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Mokošica, May 26, 2017 and Dubrovnik, December 14, 2017

Little school at the Dubrovnik's kindergartens

Within the framework of the project Little School “Fire is no joke", four educational lectures were held in Dubrovnik's kindergartens, which included around 150 children. On May 26, 2017, in the kindergarten Mokošica in the same settlement in Dubrovnik, the lecture was held by Ivan Čavlina Tomašević, a member of HAgMD. An animated film "Fire is no joke" was presented to fifty children of preschool age. The children were delighted with dormouse Matko and the firefighters. One boy from the group was particularly proud to point out his toy - fire truck that his grandfather gave him. Men in his family are traditionally firefighters, so he wants to become a firefighter too. After watching the film, a couple of other boys also joined his idea.

The Little School was attended by HAgMD members Barbara Mandušić in the kindergarten Gruž and Marijana Milja Đuračić in the kindergarten Pile and Pile II in Dubrovnik on December 14, 2017. About 30 children aged 3 to 6 participated in the lecture in Gruž. The children watched the animated film "Fire is no joke", and after that, they were talking about what they saw in the movie, in a distinctive and very peculiar way. Fire hazards have already been introduced to the firefighters' acquaintances earlier, and they have shown their knowledge during a very active discussion. They also met the work of meteorologists, initially defined as "people who look at meteors and the moon", but through discussion, smart little heads recalled that meteorologists are people who talk about time on television.

There were 65 children attending the kindergartens of Pile and Pile II. After the film was shown, dangers and consequences that fires represent for nature and man, especially in the summer have been warned. In the example of the catastrophic fire in 2007, which affected the hill Srđ and the wider area of the city of Dubrovnik, children were told about the threats, dangers and damages that wildfires cause, not only in uninhabited and rural areas, but also in urban forest areas. Children discussed what to do if they saw the fire and the long-term restoration of the forest after the fire. In the end, we gave them a puzzle with the motif of the coastal forest in flames and threatened animals, which was a gift of a partner on the project of the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Areas of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.


Ivana Čavlina Tomašević, Barbara Mandušić and Marijana Miljas Đuračić

Translation: Višnja Vučetić, PhD and Branimir Omazić


 Children of Kindergarten at Mokošica on May 26, 2017 (left)

 and Gruž on December 14, 2017 (write)


 Children of Kindergarten of Pile (left)

 and Pile II (write)in Dubrovnik on December 14, 2017




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