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Hvar, February 27, 2017 and August 1, 2017

Why did not you tell me this before?

In agreement with the teacher, Ivana Visković, an hour of meteorology was organized in her class of the 2nd grade Elementary school of Hvar. Through changes in the weather during the year, students have shown which tools (instruments) are used by meteorologists in order to measure and record the changes.

However, nature shows that these changes are most noticeable in the changes of the seasons, so students have been pointed to these changes, the flowering of certain plants, the ripening of fruits, the arrival/departure of birds, the heat/cold, various winds at different seasons, etc. The students were delighted to participate in recognizing signs of particular seasons. One of the students was so delighted that she asked the question: Why did not you tell me this before?

As an encounter organized within the HAgMD's Little School, the animated film "Fire is no joke" was shown to students. They were impressed by the film particularly because, in the summer, the encounter with the danger of fire and their very own fire is almost everyday. Here again, the film's education, the emotional attachment of children to protagonists, and the clear knowledge of the students who are at risk of uncontrolled fire or fire are shown.

After listening to the children's question: Why did not you tell me this before?, it was arranged a Little School in the Kindergarten Vanđela Božitković in Hvar with director Sanjom Čurin. The initial suspicion will children watch the events in the animated film carefully during the hot summer time quickly disappeared. Members of two kindergarten groups actively "participated" in the film, and later recounted their vision of the event. Some praised that their parents or some other members of close relative are firefighters. Some have recounted their encounter with fire or even fire event (possible only in children's imagination, or possibly in reality?!). They strongly decided to pass on to their parents what they saw and learned, and to keep the forest safe because it is home to many animals.


Marko Vučetić

Translation: Višnja Vučetić, PhD and Branimir Omazić




Pupils of 2nd grade Elementary school of Hvar, February 27, 2017 (left) and children of Kindergarten at Hvar on August 1, 2017 (right)


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