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Zagreb, December 15, 2017

Dandelion and Sunflower groups discussed about wildfires

A random encounter in the Zagreb's funicular with educators and children from Tatjana Marinić's Kidergarten from Upper Town led by an agreement on the maintenance of the Little School "Fire is no joke". Twenty children from the Dandelion and Sunflower groups gathered. These last learn German, and the title of the animated film was immediately translated to German - Das Feuer ist-kein Witz.

The kids were interested and watched the movie very carefully and after the conversation they asked us to show it again. They spoke what could cause a fire and when asked if they recognized the plane that was extinguishing a fire, a girl excitedly said, "A fire plane!" We all laughed! Also, children said that they will warn their parents when throwing cigarettes so they do not cause a fire. Some of them were surprised that wildfires do not only occur on the Adriatic coast, they are also possible in Zagreb and in continental Croatia. They remembered that very dry and hot weather favored the emergence and spread of forest fires, and that they should listen and watch weather warnings on the radio and TV. In the end we gave them a copy of the comic "Fire is no joke" for their children's library.

 Višnja Vučetić, PhD


Children of Kindergarten Tatjana Marinić in Zagreb on December 15, 2017




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