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Čučerje, October 13, 2017

The enthusiasm in Čučerje with animated film "Fire is no joke"

The idea of organization of the Little School "Fire is no joke" for students of the Čučerje Elementary School in Zagreb came up on Hvar beach during the summer heat, when terrible fires harboured Dalmatia. Maintenance of two Little Schools for II and VIII classes in Čučerje came from a random conversation about the animated film "Fire is no joke" with a professor of fine arts education, who is a class teacher in VIII class in that school.

 Normally, the discussion in the lower grades after the screening of the film was adapted to their age. For example, an explanation of long-lasting forest restoration after the fire we used an example of a dormouse who usually lives up to 5 years. The children were very surprised that it should be at least five generations of dormouse, which will again live in that forest.

For older students, the presentation is shown with actual graphics, maps and images of Split fire that stunned them. When fire occurs, all media report what is happening in the fire site. But after the fire, the public is not aware of the catastrophic consequences, so we particularly warn about it in the film.

In the end, 45 students of lower grades and the same number of high grade students were delighted with the prize game and the main prize - the mouse pad with the dormouse Matko. We thanked the director and teachers for their hospitality and gave them the acknowledgment of HAgMD.


Dr. Višnjica Vučetić


The second grade students of Elementary School Čučerje on October 13, 2017





The eighth grade students of Elementary School Čučerje on October 13, 2017






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