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Đurđevac, Podravske Sesvete, Novigrad Podravski, Gudovac, Pregrada, Jastrebarsko, Zagreb, Knin and Ston, May 29, 2017

Day of Agrometeorology

For better promotion of agrometeorology and activation of our membership, at the 9th general assemble we decided to declare the Day of Agrometeorology and chose the 29th May. Perhaps nothing important happened in agrometeorology on this date, but it was convenient for us to keep the Little School "Fire is no joke" in different parts of Croatia. However, we later found out that on May 29, 1953, man first won the highest peak in the world. There are some symbols as well. Our Society is slightly developing and climbing, and will reach the top one day.

 The idea was that members of our Society hold the Little School in many different locations all over Croatia during one day. And that is what we did. In eight elementary and two branch schools, and one kindergarten, we organized 12 lectures about wildfires and included 875 children. Some of the members held a lecture in their former schools and reminded the childhood. After a brief introductory speech on agrometeorology, wildfires and association, the children watched with excitement and animosity the animated film that was the backbone of the Little School. After the projection they were very active in setting up and answering questions. All the lecturers reported that the children finally exclaimed with enthusiasm "Don't play with flames and smoke, fire is no joke!".

Announcement of the Little School was published on the websites of individual schools. We also have the feedback. What children have heard and seen in the film, they linked to other topis from subjects like Nature and Society. So we hit the kids' soul because they embraced the movie. We are grateful to all directors, teachers and educators of elementary schools and kindergartens for support, hospitality and help with the organization of lectures.

Višnja Vučetić, PhD,  Boris Dorbić, PhD,

Nada Dadaček and Petra Čiček Pomper

Translation: Višnja Vučetić, PhD and Ivana Čavlina Tomašević



Children of Kindergarten at Ston on May 29, 2017






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