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Buchurest, October 7, 2015
Establishment of Global Federation of AgroMeteorological Societies, GlobalFAMS

How to respond to the demands of customers who are looking at the same time for nutritional quality of the foody, and also environmentally friendly and socially sustainable agricultural product, is a difficult task not only for farmers, but also for scientists too, especially at a time when modern agriculture must additionally adopt to the challenges of increasingly frequent extreme weather events which are a consequence of climate change.

In a world of great inequalities, agriculture is faced with many social and environmental challenges. Therefore, the task of agrometeorology is to help the farmers to overcome the problems faced, giving them qualitative and updated information which are of great importance in their production process. As every region has its own climatic characteristics that affect agricultural production, there is a need of involvement of all parties, from farmers, national hydrometeorological services, scientific institutions and policy makers, and all with the aim that work done on adaptation to climate change in particular area would be more successful.

Recently established international association of national agrometeorological societies in Bucharest on October 7, 2015, officially entitled Global Federation of AgroMeteorological Societies or abbreviated GlobalFAMS, wishes to contribute to this goal. Association emerged from the initiative to link agrometeorologists around the world, which unfortunately are not so represented in the scientific community, and to create new opportunities for dialogue, exchange of knowledge, ideas and tools, and engagement in joint projects.

Preparation for the establishment of the Global FARM lasted two years. Croatian Agrometeorological Society took part in the foundation from the start. The first meeting of the Steering Committee, i.e., the representatives of some agrometeorological societies, was held in Seogwipo on Jeju Island in South Korea on November 5, 2013. Gathered societies presented their activities and programs of work, which helped in defining tasks of GlobalFAMS. At the second meeting in Antalya in Turkey on April 9, 2014 the Statute of GlobalFAMS was adopted and afterwards followed the registration of the Federation. At the first General Assembly president Dr. Federica Rossi from Italy, also the initiator of its establishment was elected, along with vice president Dr. Orivaldo Brunini from Brazil and Secretary Dr. Nabatsu Chattopadhyay from India, and the Steering Committee composed of: Dr. Elena Matescu from Romania, prof. Dr. Kazuhiko Kobayashi from Japan, Dr. Federico Spanna from Italy and Dr. Manas Mkhabela from Canada.

Since there are only a small number of agrometeorological societies in the world, GlobalFAMS consists of 13 national societies and one international agrometeorological society, INSAM. Countries from which members of the Federation comes are Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Canada, China, Hungary, Romania, Russia and Slovakia.

As published on the official website,, the objective of the Federation is to further promote and advance all sectors of agricultural meteorology by improving international, inter-Society cooperation and partnership, exchange of knowledge and education in all the related scientific, technological, environmental, social issues.

HAgMD is looking forward of being part of this international initiative and wishes the Federation much of success in its future work and that it leaves a significant trace on the improvement of cooperation and exchange of knowledge between farmers and scientists. With our previous work and dedication through workshops and seminars, HAgMD also contributes to this goal.

Petra Sviličić



Participants of the first meeting of Steering Committee held in Jeju, South Korea on November 5, 2013.


 Participants of the first General Assembly of the Global Federation of AgroMeteorological Societies
in Bucharest on October 7, 2015 and the president of GlobalFAMS, Dr. Federica Rossi



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