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Zagreb, April 20, 2023

Re-promotion of the book Plants that Tell the Weather

At the invitation of the Croatian Botanical Society, the presentation of the first published book of the Croatian Agrometeorological Society (HAgMD) Plants that Tell the Weather by meteorologist Marko Vučetić, was again held in Zagreb. Those present were greeted by the president of HAgMD, Prof. Damir Barčić also emphasized the importance of publishing such a book that uniquely connects plants with weather and thus popularizes agrometeorology. Prof. Vladimir Hršak, our eminent botanist and one of the reviewers of the book, especially emphasized that he was pleasantly surprised after reading the book. And when he thought he knew a lot about plants, he did not expect that plants can be observed with other eyes – the eyes of a meteorologist who connected ancient myths, traditional and scientific meteorology with plants.

The editor, meteorologist Dr. Višnjica Vučetić, who was also one of the reviewers of the book, spoke about the creation of the book. The idea of the connection between plants and weather came to the author's mind when he presented the agrometeorological forecast in the HRT program Good Morning Croatia in the period 2009–2014. In order to enrich the presentation itself, at the end of the agrometeorological forecast, he always gave something interesting about plants. Thus, in the book, he included 70 plants, which he divided into eight chapters, connecting them to a certain meteorological element or weather events: the Sunshine duration, air temperature, rain, wind, thunder, weather forecast and those plants that appear in the most tender season – spring or they do not care about the season. On the cover of the book is the best "weather forecaster", whose name in Croatian says it all – vremenokaz (Carlina acaulis L. 1753) means who tells the weather. The book is luxuriously equipped on 203 pages, and the text part is accompanied by 260 photographs, most of which were taken by the author himself. As you can see, the book was a long time in the making and was published on November 20, 2020, during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it was presented for the first time in the program Good Morning Croatia on December 17, 2020, in which everything started.

At the end, the author Marko Vučetić gave a pictorial presentation of the book. He emphasized that he dedicated it to his grandchildren, but also to all the grandchildren of the world in order to teach them to observe plants in a unique way. He tickled the participants, without telling them to the end, a few ancient myths about plants, but told them: "And you can read more in the book."


Dr. Višnja Vučetić



Promotion of the book Plants that Tell the Weather by Marko Vučetić in Zagreb on April 20, 2023 at the invitation of the Croatian Botanical Society



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