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Hvar, March 5, 2018

150th anniversary of Hvar tourism

Marking the 160th anniversary of Hvar's meteorological station and the 150th anniversary of modern organized tourism in Hvar, our member from Hvar, Marko Vučetić, held a convenient lecture "Meteorology and Tourism" on March 5, 2018. The lecture is organized in agreement with High School of Hvar, optional group "Promotion of a tourist destination" and the humanitarian association "Kapja jubavi". In addition to the lecture, a workshop with meteorological and tourist issues, mainly related to the Hvar climate and tourism, but also to the wider area of Croatia, was prepared. Composed questions were used for "kahoot quiz" involving several teams.

Lecture and workshop were held in the evening at the Franciscan monastery refinery at the foot of the fascinating and unique image of the Last Supper. It was made by the painter Palma Junior (Venice, about 1548-1628) with his associate Matej Pončun (Venice 1583 - 1663), as Nives Tomasović writes in "The Last Supper" in Hvar - a luxurious memorial. In front of the Last Supper, there was a piano, so the whole atmosphere was further exuded with the spirituality, tranquility and subtlety of moment and place. Entry to the lecture and participation in the workshop was free, so many people of Hvar, not just high school students, visited this cult place by participating actively in the "kahoot quiz".


Marko Vučetić

Translation: Višnja Vučetić, PhD and Branimir Omazić



A convenient lecture "Meteorology and Tourism" was held at the Franciscan monastery at Hvar on March 5, 2018.




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